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Portugal is a country rich in talent and diversity. The public investments made in the past decade in education, infrastructures and technology pave the way for those wanting to start or invest in a new business. With one of the most vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe, Portugal is a top destination to create, test, fail fast and try again.

The strategy intends to strengthen different qualified and creative entrepreneurship levels, through direct support to entrepreneurs, encouraging the emergence of new business opportunities, particularly in creative and innovative fields.

Turning an idea into a successful business is not easy, but in Portugal we can help you in this process. Searching investors, finding incentives or grants, selecting locations, connect you with the right set of talents are just some of the services we can provide you with.

The success of Portugal as an investment destination is based on the country’s positive approach towards international business. Portugal offers a strategic location, access to key markets, skilled human resources, competitive costs and top infrastructures.

Portugal offers national and foreign investors investment incentives.

Incentives may come as financial incentives, repayable or non-refundable, tax benefits and co-financing. Exceptionally, specific subsidies may also be granted, such as reimbursement of employers’ costs with the training of employees.

Cities or regions offer additional supports / incentives, so it is important to choose the city or region that best fits your goals and expectations.

Portugal is a booming ecosystem with an ever growing number of innovative startups, business angels and investors. Portugal has been thriving in the World’s Entrepreneurial scene.

We work with incubators that have a set of infrastructures and services to support the startup ecosystem, but are also located in regions with investment incentives, ensuring the means for further growth.

Programs such Startup Voucher, Startup Visa, ..., are available, to help entrepreneurs transforming their projects in reality.

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