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Independent Professional Network

is a global community of experts.
If you are an Independent Professional, Freelance, Self Employed, Nomad, Digital Worker, ..., join us.

Join the world’s most influential workforce in:
Programming & Tech, Business, Architecture, Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Lifestyle, volunteering, ...

You can simply follow us on LinkedIn.
Or a way to show that you are part of this network, add the logo to your current activity on your LinkedIn profile.

You can do it according to the attached figure, entering in your LinkedIn profile and using the EDIT option of your current position.
In the Company field type / select "Independent Professional Network".
and SAVE !

Being part of the network has no costs, there are no obligations. But neither does it have an immediate benefit.
Can you take advantage of being part of the network?
I hope so, but it depends on you. I hope that you and all the other members can take advantage of the network.
The more we are, the greater the possibility of creating value.

The Regional Representative is your business connection in each Region/ Country.
Within the “Independent Professional Network (IPN)”, we are creating a structure with one person in each region / country, called “Regional Representative”.

This person will be the connection with the entire network and in particular with other “Regional Representative”.

If someone needs something (business) from your country, he can contact the "Regional Representative" to request support.
This is a channel that can bring business opportunities to all.

Below, on this page, you can see all the current “Regional Representatives”.


Regional Representative

your business connection in each region / country

(click the photo to see the LinkedIn profile, or "contact me" to send an email)

freelancer & creative people